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Global leaders of tea industry gathered in Yibin to jointly discuss international tea trend and tea development
2018-03-20 18:20:34 宜宾传媒网


        On March 17, the International Tea Trend and Development Forum on the sideline of the 2nd Annual International Tea Conference, with a theme of "Gathering in the First City of the Yangtze River • Sharing Prosperity with Famous Chinese Teas", was held in Yibin. It was co-hosted by Jean Luc Mastaki, the Head of FAO-IGG on Tea and Mao Limin, the Secretary of Tea Branch of Food Technology Committee of International Standard Association.


  Domestic and overseas guests, such as Ian Gibbs, the Chairman of International Tea Committee (ITC); Jiang Yongwen, the Chairman of China Tea Science Society; Louise Roberge, the President of the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada; Iyad, the Chairman Representative of Tea Federation of Morocco; Wang Yalei, the Chairman of Chinese Tea Association of Japan; James Pogson, a former President and Executive Director of the UK Tea and Infusions Association (UKTIA); Robey Badrudin, the Director Representative of Indonesia Tea Agency; Maximilian Wittig, the Secretary General of German Tea Association; Yao Jingbo, the Vice-chairman of China Tea Marketing Association; and Tu Jianhua, the Counselor of the People’s Government of Sichuan Province, former Deputy Director of Sichuan Provincial Agricultural Department and Director of Sichuan Tea Industry Development Joint Conference Office, addressed the forum, discussed and issued the current international tea trend and development.


   “I enjoy this tour in Yibin very much and the people here are very enthusiastic.” Ian Gibbs, the Chairman of ITC, praised profusely Yibin, the First City of the Yangtze River. He introduced that, China Chamber of Commerce for I&E of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-Products is a very important member of ITC, and plays a significant role in the development of China's tea industry. The world tea industry is increasing continuously and China takes the leading position; Sichuan Tea, only accounting for 1/10 of Chinese tea, has exceeded the volume of India, Kenya and other regions, he added. Through a large amount of statistical data, he believed that, the export of Chinese tea, Sichuan tea and Yibin tea will play an big part in the world.


     Maximilian Wittig, the Secretary General of German Tea Association and Deputy Chairman of German Institute for Standardization, introduced that: the association has been established for 101 years since 1917. All members thereof play important roles in German tea industry and almost occupy 95% shares of German tea market. The German tea market is a high-end one where high-quality tea is very popular. With a strict regulation system, German pays high attention to pesticide residue and environmental pollution.

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