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Keynote speeches of domestic and foreign peers during the 2nd Annual International Tea Conference, Yibin, China
2018-03-20 18:13:23 宜宾传媒网


        On the afternoon of March 17, the keynote speeches were delivered on the sideline of the 2nd Annual International Tea Conference, Yibin, China. Chen Zongmao, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Honorary Chairman of China Tea Science Society, Li Wenru, the Former Curator of the Palace Museum and other eight guests from Morocco, Russia, European Tea Committee, etc, delivered keynote speeches with themes of Tea & Culture, Tea & Health Wellness, Tea & Future Lifestyle, etc. About 400 tea operators and journalists at home and abroad listened to their speeches.

  On the occasion, Chen Zongmao, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, made a keynote speech titled Quality Promotion of Tea Products, ranging from pesticide residue, international test standards and contributions of China to tea international standard test. Then, Li Wenru, Former Curator of the Palace Museum, made a speech titled New Contribution of Tribute Tea: Value Transformation from Imperial Power to Market; Abdelkader Zakaria, the Director of Security Inspection of Morocco Food Safety Agency, delivered a speech titled the Historical and Current Tea Drinks Consumption of Morocco and Expectation of Moroccan Market to Chinese Tea; and prof. Liu Zhonghua of Hunan Agricultural University, delivered a speech with a title of Tea Processing Technology and Product Innovation of China.


        Guo Jie, Chairman of Chinese Culture Promotion Society, made a speech titled The Chinese Tea going to the World; Sampat Liyanage, the Export Sales Director of the MAY FOODS, delivered a speech titled Successful Experience of MAY FOODS on Product Innovation and Marketing; Barbara DUFRENE, the Former Secretary General of European Tea Committee, Editor-in-chief of La Nouvelle Presse du The and French tea specialist, made a speech titled Challenges and Prospects Faced by European Tea Market in 2018; Lin Xianteng, the Vice-chairman of Cross-Straits Tea Exchanges Association, Standing Director of Taiwan Tea Manufacturers Association& President of Datong Tea Business Co., Ltd., delivered a speech titled New Trend of Chinese Drinks Consumption.  

        In the second stage of the activity, Yu Lv, the Vice-chairwoman of China Chamber of Commerce for I&E of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-products, invited Patrice Gausserand, Mayor of Gaillac, France, Zhang Shikang, the Vice-chairman of China International Tea Culture Institute, Pan Zunjian, the Enterprise Culture Consultant of Wuliangye Group, Yan Zewen, the Board Chairman of Sichuan Tea Group, and Olivier DAVID of Domaine Clément Termes, to compare the tea and liquor industries of China and foreign countries, and conduct on-site discussion about product innovation, market promotion, consumption trend, etc, from the history and development of liquor and wine.


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