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Pingshan Shuizhongyun Tea Industry Co., Ltd
2017-03-13 08:52:57

   The company was founded by tea-related cadres (including four agronomists) in October 1998 with a registered capital of RMB660 thousand yuan. It is a joint-equity enterprise with the independent corporate capacity, devoted to the production, processing and distribution of brand tea and high-quality green tea. It's also a key leading enterprise for agricultural industrialization determined by the county CPC  committee and government, and the only private technological enterprise in Pingshan County. The company boasts 120 registered employees, including seven laid-off workers, nine technicians, one agronomist and one senior agronomist. Its superior assets account for more than 95 percent of the total assets, with its bank credit rating A, without owing money on taxes, wages, social insurance and depreciation. In 2007, the number of contracted rural households reached 2689, 2286 higher than the figure when the company was founded, with an average annual growth of 285; it directly expanded tea plantation area to 4750 mu from 1050 mu in the beginning, with an average annual increase of 462.5 mu.


   Adhering to the principle of business integrity, this company has been successively awarded “the enterprise abiding by contracts and keeping promise” for years. Upholding the quality first, the brand “Shuizhongyun” consecutively wins “the well-known trademark of Yibin” and “consumers' favorite goods”.

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