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Yibin Xingshi Tea Industry Co., Ltd.
2017-03-13 08:37:11

   Yibin Xingshi Tea Industry Co., Ltd, was formerly known as the Junlian Tea Factory established in 1956, was once one of China's top five demonstration tea factories in last century. All the Kongfu black teas of the Junlian Tea Factory were exported to former Soviet Union, France, Germany, Poland. On the eve of the National Day 1959, the Golden Dew Bud prepared carefully our workers  was sent to Beijing as a gift to Chairman Mao and the tenth National Day. Now, taking the know-how advantage from the original Junlian Tea Factory, this company plans to innovate its black tea craftsmanship, restore and enhance the image of "Golden Dew Bud", and revitalize the reputation of Sichuan black tea around the world. Available with local rich Oleaceae Kuding resources, this company has developed "Xingshi broadleaf holly leaf", shaping the largest leaf Kuding production and marketing base in China.

   Our company owns the largest production base about 5000mu of Kuding tea, more than 5000mu of elite breeding tea. Located in Damiao Mountain Ecological Garden at the intersection of Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, with an altitude of 800 - 1200 meters, this base is approved as the national agriculture standardization demonstration zone by AQSIQ. The company now owns 12 primary processing factories and 1 deep-processing factory.

   Relying on its base and focusing on R& of high-end characteristic tea in its brand strategy, the company has developed a wide range of black tea products including: Golden Dew Bud, Yiping Hongyun, Hongyun Jiujiu, Chuanhong Pao, and a series of Kuding teas including: fragrant Kuding, alpine Kuding, Huayu Kuding."Golden Dew Bud" held four gold medals consecutively in the 2009 - 2012 China International Tea Expo; and the Kuding tea products won Gold Award in the 2nd China (Shanghai) International Food Fair.

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