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Yibin Shuangxing Tea Industry Co., Ltd
2017-03-13 08:32:18

   Yibin Shuangxing Tea Industry Co., Ltd was founded in December, 2002, with a registered capital of RMB10.8 million yuan, total assets about RMB50 million yuan. Among annual output value nearly RMB100 million yuan, tea exports in 2013 exceeded USD2 million, accounting for 33% of Sichuan Provence's tea export.

   With 185 regular staff, 31 senior technicians, Shuangxing consists of the Juanping Tea Processing Workshop, Lianxi Famous Tea Workshop, Haiying Export Tea Production Base, Sichuan Ou’xiang Import-Export Trade Co., Ltd and Shuangxing Longxiang Gangwan Recreation Center. It is the key leading enterprise of Yibin for agricultural industrialization.

   In partnering with Sichuan Province Tea Research Institute, Southwest University and other institutions, the developed tea brands such as "Shengxing Mingya", "Gongli 310", “Shengxing ·Junlian Black Tea" won many awards in a series of tea appraisal activities. In particular, "Shengxing ·Junlian Black Tea " and "Shengxing ·Junlian Green Tea " both won the gold medal in the 1st China (Sichuan) International Tea Expo, 2012. The early spring tea "Gongli 310" won the gold medal again in the 2nd China (Sichuan) International Tea Expo.

   Since 2010, a series of “Shengxing” products have been awarded the title of “Green Food”. "Shengxing" trademark has been rated as Yibin's well-known trademark. Shuangxing is also evaluated as “ High-integrity Enterprise in China” by China Council for the Integrity of Market.

   In order to enhance the management of the company and strengthen the export business, Shuangxing has passed the certifications of "quality management system ISO9001", "environmental management system ISO14001", "food safety management system ISO22000", and "occupational health and safety management system". Moreover, it is actively applying for the title of provincial leading enterprise for agricultural industrialization, in a hope to better play a leading role and boost the export of Sichuan tea.

   In 2014, Shuangxing will strengthen the management and further expand the international market. While marching forward to its objective, Shuangxing will strive to become an important tea exporter of China in three to five years, thus making contributions to the development of Sichuan tea industry.

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