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Pingshan County Yanmen Xiuya Tea Industry Co., Ltd
2017-03-10 16:03:13

   Pingshan County Yanmen Xiuya Tea Industry Co., Ltd, founded in May, 2014 with a registered capital of RMB3 million, develops from a mountain villa tea garden of Yamen Village (established in 1999). Located in Dacheng Town, Pingshan County, it owns independently more than 3000 mu tea garden. It is a modern enterprise integrating tea planting, production, and processing and sales.


   Yamen Xiuya is sourced from Yanmen, Pingshan County, with an altitude of 900 -1300 meters. Its advantageous ecological environment is useful for producing green tea of high quality. This kind of tea chooses the first young tea leaf just spread before the Tomb-Sweeping Day with a bud as the raw materials, and they are processed through integrating the roasted tea technique with modern technology. The shape of tea leaves is tight and grey green; the color of tea liquor is clear and bright; the bottom of tea leaves is lightful and neat; the taste of tea is refreshing; the tea aroma is fresh and its aroma like chestnuts is lasting.

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