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Pingshan Roasted Green Tea ​
2017-03-07 14:45:29


   In the west of the south rim, yibin, sichuan basin, southwest China, jinjiang, north shore, there is a piece of green land, pingshan.

   Pingshan called luomahu, tea has a long production history, in the humid subtropical monsoon climate, and pollution-free ecological environment, especially suitable for tea tree growth. Folk tea experts and numerous tea a skillful craftsman, countless tea shops, tea houses, mountains waft everywhere "pingshan tea" fragrant scent. Dictionaries published in 1936, Shanghai's first as the example of "pingshan tea" (i.e., "pingshan liquor") are introduced, and make "pingshan improving processes" reputation of collecting, already developed now become pingshan a mainstay of the economy.

   As one of advantageous benefit agriculture in sichuan province tea base, pingshan has been rated as high quality green tea production base in sichuan province, sichuan province, the first batch of high-quality tea production base, green tea export demonstration base in sichuan province, sichuan province key county of modern agriculture. The county 210000 acres of tea plantations are base for pollution-free agricultural products (tea), is green food (tea) base county, there are more than ten thousand mu of tea garden in the town of 8, tea annual output 15000 tons, production value 1.5 billion yuan. Has formed to a city summer river - over - longhua - stream - kam screen - mahayana - pingshan joint 100 km for the tea industry area, such as city summer river famous tea advantage region, longhua area green tea export advantage, silk screen, mahayana high quality green tea advantage area, pingshan town morning tea advantage region, successfully built kam screen and pingshan ecological tourism AAA scenic area, ten thousand mu of tea industry rock door ten thousand mu ecological tea garden with tea sea even condition built yibin yibin the temple garden AAAA scenic spot.

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